Foodie Adventure: Moroccan Food Festival

I’ve been wanting to try Moroccan food ever since, however it’s not easy to find a restaurant that serves authentic Moroccan food particularly in our place. Although we have plans of traveling to Morocco but can’t wait long enough to taste what Moroccan food is like. That’s why I was very excited when I’ve heard that Movenpick Hotel and Resort Yanbu will be hosting Moroccan Food Festival for a week. It was in time for our 115th Monthsary so definitely we never missed the chance to celebrate our monthsary on this rare event.20150325_213916

The Ambiance

Movenpick’s Radwah Restaurant is a contemporary restaurant that serves international buffets on a regular days. During their Moroccan Food Festival nights they added few touches of Moroccan charms and ornaments to give the place a Moroccan vibe. They even invited a local vendor that sells carpets and different kinds of oils and essences to depict a Moroccan market scene like in Marrakesh.20150325_185850 20150325_18590120150325_190050

The Food20150325_185939

The entree station consist of assorted Arabic Moroccan salads, fresh veggies and greens, nuts and cheese selection, variation of salad dressing, dips and sauces and freshly baked breads. Some canapes were also available like smoked salmon rolls and shrimp salad couscous. There were two choices of hot soup, the typical chicken and corn soup and the famous Moraccan Harira soup.20150325_21125220150325_20192620150325_21131220150325_190739After enjoying my bowl of delicious Harira soup and selection of salads… here comes the Main. Sorry I wasn’t able to take photo of the Spicy Grilled Chicken and Kofta since I was very excited to dig in.

20150325_190301 20150325_190319 20150325_211145 20150325_211204 20150325_211219

Finally, the mouth watering desserts. I don’t know what they call each one of these sweets but all I know was I devoured most of them. Who cares what is it as long as it taste delicious.

Complementary bottomless Moroccan mint tea were served to loosen up our full stomach and to make way for the desserts. Mint tea is also a good pair of desserts to neutralize the sweetness.20150325_19014320150325_190219 20150325_190237 20150325_201849 20150325_212009

It was indeed a great experience on our 115th Monthsary. Hubby and I both enjoyed the food. I love the Couscous with Chicken and I’m looking forward to order that dish again in our travels, hopefully soon. For the price of 185 SAR per person everything was worth it.