Lakes in the Desert – Yanbu Lakes


Would you believe that we have lakes here in the desert? Hmp… Yanbu Lakes are not really a lake per se because both are man-made lakes. Actually it is more like a park for me with a small bodies of water on it. The other lake is surrounded by a several small waterfalls to make the lake more realistic. You can see water flowing from the waterfalls down to the lake. It’s really impressive! Beautiful place for picnics.



To break the monotony of going to the mall every weekend, last Friday hubby brought me to Yanbu Lake. Although we’ve been there many times for picnics and gatherings with friends, last week was different because it was only the two of us.  Yes, I have a very sweet husband (if it’s not too much to brag) hahaha and he loves taking me out for a date. It doesn’t need to be an expensive sort of date but what is important for us is to have quality time with each other. Yay!



What I love about the place is the ample parking space. The lakes were surrounded by many trees, different flowers and ornamental plants. It has a big playing area for the kids with slides and swing sets. Aside from that, you can also see rare birds flying around the lakes. Lastly, it has a an amazing view of sunset.







6 thoughts on “Lakes in the Desert – Yanbu Lakes

    1. Hi Janine! Thanks for dropping by. Same here, how i wish too… but Family Park will do. It has man-made lake also. =D Btw, I’m not yet done reading your blogs.


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