Yay! I got a Beautiful Present!

DSC_0146Look what I’ve got today. It’s not everyday that you will receive special gifts and when you got one it’s truly overwhelming. I’m the kind of person that is easy to please with little things and will appreciate and cherish it for the rest of my life.DSC_0137

Today, a sister from a different mother and father surprised me with this pair of beautiful earrings. Wow! I must have done something good to her to give me such present. I know I’ve done a little favor for her but I’m not expecting something in return. What she gave was too much and I’m totally grateful for it. Honestly it’s not only about the item neither the value of the present that touched me but it was the thought and the effort. Beyond this beautiful gift is the thought that I am appreciated. Thank you so much for the gift and for making me feel that I am more than just a friend to you,  but a sister!