Unforgettable Moments by PANDORA

Finally I got my very first Pandora bracelet. Hubby bought it as a gift because he knew how much I wanted to have one. I’ve been a fan of charmed bracelets ever since. Apparently, the ones I’ve got are just ordinary charmed bracelets that cannot be customized.

It wasn’t quite a while since I’ve learned about Pandora. I just first heard it to our tour leader while we were in Venice. She said that one of the best souvenirs we can get in Venice are the jewelries made of Murano glasses. And those collecting Murano Pandora charms it is the chance to grab a haul. At that time I was like “ah okay!” I had no idea what is Pandora. So I ended up buying souvenir jewelries. Now I’m blaming myself why I didn’t even bother to get one of those beautiful Murano charms in Venice. Regrets!

My desire to own a Pandora bracelet fueled when I learned that I can create my own story with it. By collecting special moments in the form of charms.

Now that I got one… I must say I’m so in love with it. I can’t wait to fill this bracelet with wonderful memories. Let the collection begins!


Here are my 1st 2 charms. Hubby chose the heart bracelet embellished with Love charm followed with Bride and Groom charm which symbolizes our marriage union. Isn’t it sweet?

To anyone who wants to share moments with me please Click here to know what are the charms I’ve been wishing to have. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Unforgettable Moments by PANDORA

  1. I’ve got the same charm as yours – the bride and groom. It was a wedding gift to me by my husband. By the way, you also need to buy those safety clips for your Pandora bracelet cos the lock of your Pandora is the heart shape one (same as mine). From my experience, that lock is easy to open so better be safe.


    1. Hi Karen! Thanks for dropping by. True, the heart lock is easy to open, actually I’m planning of buying one when I get back in the Philippines. We don’t have Pandora store in this side of the world. =D


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