Up in the Clouds – Going to Europe

Looking back to the day when hubby and I were excited to embark on our first European Escape. Everything were ready from hotel reservations and tickets down to passports and visas. Bags were packed and ready to get rolling.


When the sun was about shine. Yanbu to Istabul flight.

We booked our flights from Turkish Airlines. That means we had to spend hours of layover in Istanbul Ataturk Airport before we flew to Paris CDG. We had a smooth flight from Yanbu. Although I felt a little sleepy because I haven’t enough sleep yet. So I was planning to take a nap while cruising towards Paris.


Ataturk International Airport – Istanbul

We left Istanbul at around six o’clock in the morning. While waiting for our meals to be served I browsed the movies on board. However the movies didn’t interest me because I was smitten by the view outside the plane. The clouds were like cottons. It looked very soft and fluffy. I also saw a number of planes passing by. So instead taking a nap I end up enjoying the view while were up in the clouds.


Hours passed I’ve noticed that it was not clouds I saw anymore but a snowy mountain capped. Yes were on top of the Swiss Alps! It made me so ecstatic! I can’t wait to explore the Alps and climb to Jungfrau – The Top of Europe.




After passing through the Swiss Alps, the vast greeneries becomes very evident as we approached French air space.





I guess this is Seine River I captured when the plane was slowly touching down…. and not only that… look below…


… oh yes I was able to take a snap of this iconic landmark. Can you spot the Eiffel tower?


Finally we’re touching down in Paris! Oh la la!

I’m so glad we booked a day flight to witness the wonders of the skies and to have a bird’s eye view of the countries we passed through. So then our European escape had began.