Paris Hotel: Holiday Inn MLV, Noisy Le Grand

We spent our first 3 days in Paris at Holiday Inn Hotel Noisy Le Grand. Prior to our arrival, I made several research of the places we want to visit in Paris as well as where to stay. Hotels in Paris are quite expensive. As a budget traveler you would normally consider a lot of factors before booking an accommodation. And made sure every cents spent are worth it.

Firstly, we booked this hotel after considering the distance of travel between Paris Disneyland and Paris City Center. Secondly, how we can enjoy and make the most of our stay in Paris without digging hole into our pockets. Little did we know that this hotel has a lot of things to offer than just a value for money.

-Here are the reasons why we love this hotel-

20150607_094415Location – It is situated in the outskirts of Paris. The hotel is centrally located near to everything. Train and bus station are less than 5 minutes walk across the hotel. There’s a Mall right next to it.  You can also find a number of restaurants, shops and supermarket nearby. Holiday Inn Noisy Le Grand is the midway between Disneyland and City Center. It only takes one train ride and you’ll be in the Paris City Center or Disneyland in just few minutes.

DSC_0001-1Clean and comfortable rooms – We’ve been to different Holiday Inn hotels  around the world and I must say they live up to their promise to provide high standards of cleanliness and comfort to their guests. Although our room was a little bit small still it was cosy enough. Also equipped with complete basic room amenities. So no complaints we were happy!

20150605_171540Gorgeous view of the lake – Lo and behold! This is the view that welcomed us the minute we entered our room. What can I say the view was priceless! I won’t get tired waking up to this view everyday.

20150606_061116-1Amazing view of the sunrise – Who would have thought that aside from the gorgeous view of the lake, you can also get a stunning view of the sunrise. Isn’t this view worth waking up early?

Fresh and delicious breakfast – After admiring the beautiful sunrise, it’s now time to get ready and head down for breakfast.  I remember how excited I was to have breakfast. Oh, that aroma of fried bacon escaped through the kitchen walls was delightful. Their buffet breakfast spread has a good selection freshly baked breads and hot dishes. My favorite was the bacon (of course), spaghetti and meatballs. Yummy!

Cocktail Bar




Peaceful and quaint neighborhood – It’s not a touristy area so basically staying here gives you the experience to live like a local. You can stroll along the lake and watch the birds feeding. It is peaceful and quiet away from hustle and bustle of the city. Can you imagine yourself living here? Because I do!

Lastly, the value for money – Compared to the hotels in the City Center this hotel is way cheaper. Having all the comforts of 4 stars accommodation for 95 euros plus the wonderful experience was totally worth it. Not to mention the perks we enjoyed as an IHG Club members.

To sum it all, booking Holiday Inn Hotel Noisy Le Grand was a great choice. Everything exceeded to our expectations. We would love to stay here again.