Cruising Through The French Countryside

The best way to see Europe is to travel by train or by coach. It might take longer than traveling by air but definitely the landscapes and sceneries you will see along the way are priceless. Basically that’s one of the reasons why my husband and I booked Coach Tour package because we want to see the European countrysides. It’s not everyday you’ll get the chance to see this side of the world. Might as well make the most of it and take advantage of the opportunity. I think that’s what exploring is all about… seeing everything not only the famous tourist attractions.

Europe isn’t an easy destination for us since it will require a lot of documents and paper works for visas, as well as good amount of budget. So definitely we made sure that every centavos and time spent were all worth it. And one of the best experience I had was seeing the European countrysides.


From Paris France to Wilderswil Switzerland we spent more or less 8 hours (including comfort stops along the way) on the road.


Actually I don’t mind spending long hours in the coach as long as it is comfortable. And with these gorgeous views of the greeneries, rolling hills and farmlands, I wouldn’t complain at all.


I was sitting by the window inside the coach, aiming my camera ready so I would not miss a chance to take a snap of the subject I want to capture. I keep snapping and snapping… then I realized that if I will not stop taking photos, I’ll have a dead camera before we reach to our destination. So, I ate, I slept and woke up with these views.  I just can’t help it, the views were so amazing!


And there are pretty windmills.



… more windmills.





The shades of greeneries and the blue skies are simply stunning!



How about Chateau on the top of the hill? Gorgeous!







It was truly an amazing experience to see the French countryside. And if I’ll have another chance, I will surely do it again.