Yanbu Flower Festival 2016

Because spring is here, let me share to you guys the full bloom in Yanbu. Yanbu is situated at the western side of Saudi Arabia in Al Madinah province. It is approximately 300 kilometers northwest of Jeddah. And also the second largest city by the Red Sea next to Jeddah. The name ‘Yanbu al Bahr’ means ‘Spring by the Sea’ in Arabic.


For the past consecutive years, Yanbu holds a yearly flower festival showcasing the world’s largest flower carpet and varieties of different flowers. Yes, you read it right! Yanbu is a holder of the Guinness Book of World Records as the ‘Largest carpet of flowers.’


I know this post is a little bit overdue because this year’s Yanbu Flower Festival was already finished. It started last March 3 and ended March 19. Although the festival was already finished, the park is still open for public to view the beautiful flower landscapes.

Here are some snaps of this year’s flower festival.






















Looking forward to another beautiful Flower Festival next year.

8 thoughts on “Yanbu Flower Festival 2016

  1. This place is heaven!
    I think I can spend my whole day walking around
    and sniffing all the flowers. Definitely an Instagram worthy place. Haha
    Enjoyed this post!

    Much love

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    1. Hello Jedi! Yay someone from Canada visited my blog! Thank you so much! I saw a lot of interesting post in your blog, surely i’ll be visiting it more often. =D *xoxo from KSA*


  2. Beautiful just like in Amsterdam! ❤

    I've never heard of Yanbu, sayo lang. Hehe. Tinignan ko pa sa mapa. It seems like a nice place to visit. May IT ba dyan? :)) Hahaha! Seriously, I've never thought of visiting Saudi kasi feeling ko puro desert and hindi pa masyado open sa tourists (except yung Dubai). But your photos make me feel otherwise.. hmm, is there a direct flight there from Singapore?

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    1. Melai, hahaha meron straight flight actually, from SG. Yes merong IT kaso they only hired male. Gustohin ko man imbitahin kayo ng asawa mo, mahirap kasi maraming restrictions dito, meron segregation both single male and female at families. They grant tourist visas for those who will perform Umra like pilgrimage to Meccah, basically mga Muslims lang. Maganda yung place namin talaga, kaya nakatagal ako dito hahaha. Better visit Dubai, mas maganda doon free to roam around without wearing Abaya (black gown). Maraming attractions din. =D


      1. Haha! I’m just kidding. That’s what I know nga of Saudi. I have relatives there and they said na it’s really strict especially for women. It’s weird lang na they beautify the place but they’re not open to tourism. But, good thing din that locals and you guys get to enjoy. 🙂

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