Jordan: Dead Sea Experience

Last September, my husband and I finally got the opportunity to visit Jordan after two attempts. Firstly we had a visa problem. Secondly we cancelled our trip due to the political unrest in the neighboring countries. Thankfully we didn’t gave up easily… because this country has a lot of amazing historical sites and exciting places to discover. One of it was to experience floating in the Dead Sea. Yeah of course visiting The Rose City of Petra too. (I’m saving Petra for my next blog post.)


It was called Dead Sea because of its very salty water which makes it very difficult for marine life to survive. Dead Sea is known as the lowest point on earth. The most interesting fact about Dead Sea is that everything thrown into the sea will float. That’s what we’ve been dying to experience.


Our Dead Sea adventure began to unfold when we were on our way to the resort. A herd of camels were crossing the street. It was kind of exciting because it’s not everyday we will encounter these creatures up close. They were gentle enough to pose for the camera. Actually I only have a few still images of them because I was busy taking videos of these bunch. I felt like we were back at the olden times where camels are the only means of transportation. Isn’t it cool?


Sherazade Travel our travel agency was the one who arranged our resort in Dead Sea. And surprisingly for a budget accommodation we paid, the agency booked us at Winter Valley Warwick Resort which was somewhat a good deal for us. It is a 4 stars resort with great resort facilities and complete with room amenities. Unfortunately, I just found out recently that this resort was taken over by Ramada Hotels and now named Ramada Dead Sea Resort.

The resort has a huge lobby with a lounge/bar area, two restaurants, gym, spa, souvenir shop, kids play area, two swimming pools and a private beach. Basically you can find anything within the resort. For me, the best part of our stay was lounging at the pool and  relaxing with the fantastic view of the Dead Sea.






The resort doesn’t have a direct access to the beach. Their private beach is approximately 10 to 15 minutes leisure walk. But they have a shuttle bus that takes guests to and from every 15 minutes.





DSC_0099These people were mud bathing. If you notice they’re spreading the black mud all over their body. The black mud from the Dead Sea has been proven to have cleansing and purifying capabilities that actually act to relieve many health conditions. In fact, some health clinics have been set up in the area to facilitate the treatment of conditions such as psoriasis and arthritis.

20150924_152158My husband is a natural sinker and swimming is not his thing. This is the first time he float effortlessly. I think he could stay here forever and never get afraid of sinking. Hahaha.

DSC_0123After a day at the beach, we settled at the roof top of Nojoom Lebanese restaurant to witness the beautiful sunset. From the roof top you can also view the mountains.

DSC_0107Behind those mountains is Mount Nebo. The place where Moses laid to rest. It looked so peaceful and calm, I could still imagine how it was like during the time of Moses when he freed the Israelite’s  from Egypt and traveled back to Jerusalem.

DSC_0122Here comes the sunset… it’s so lovely!



We had an amazing experience at the Dead Sea. While writing this post, I’m dreaming of going back again. How I wish. What can I say? I left my heart to each places we visited. ‘Til my next post everyone.