Mementos Monday: Jordan Souvenirs

Mementos Monday is a documentation of my collections, souvenirs and memorable items I have gathered when traveling.

Ever since my husband and I started traveling, we also gathered a number of different souvenirs. Some of which we kept inside their boxes, while others I can’t even remember anymore where I’ve put. I really wanted to put all my souvenir collection in one place but that’s impossible for now. Hence I  came up with the idea of posting each souvenir I’ve collected to keep track of them.

For my first Mementos Monday entry I’ll be featuring souvenirs that I’ve gathered in Jordan.

DSC_0086Decorative plate – this plate is a typical souvenir in Jordan. You can see this in any souvenir shops all over Jordan.

DSC_0084Camel figurine – husband has a fascination of camels. In fact his camel collection has grown bigger. I can’t say no whenever he wants to get one. This camel is cute though and the look on its face says take me home with you. Hahaha!

DSC_0083Camel snow globe – …and another addition to my husband’s camel collection.

DSC_0078Refrigerator magnets – wherever I’m at, ref magnets are my favorite souvenir items. Because it’s small, easy to pack, and of course won’t dig holes in your pockets (if you know what I mean).

DSC_0095Pieces of stones from Petra – these stones were actually given to me by a Bedouin girl. At first, I refused to accept it because I know they’re selling these stones to foreigners as souvenirs. In the end, I just gave the girl 1 Jordanian Dinar for it. It’s a good remembrance  though.

How about you, what kind of souvenirs do you collect in your travels?