Sunkissed in Santorini Beaches

dscf5315Visiting Santorini isn’t complete without exploring its unique beaches and basking under the sun. As far as I know, there are many beaches in Santorini. These beaches were formed after the massive volcanic eruption happened many years ago creating white, black and red beaches. The unique attributes of these beaches made it a popular attraction to both local and international tourists.

Some beaches are isolated and not accessible by foot. In order to visit them you must hire a boat to bring you there. One of them is the White beach.  The White Beach has black sand and pebbles however it was called white because of the white cliffs that surrounded the cove. Due to its seclusion, visitors are allowed to wear birthday suit. I guess it is also one of the reasons why it is unique, hahaha. Aside from White beach there are also other beaches within the island that are nudism friendly.

Oh well speaking of which, Derick and I didn’t visit any nude beach in Santorini. We are wholesome and conservative, so we only visited family friendly beaches such as Kamari, Perissa and Red Beach. These beaches are the top three famous beaches in Santorini.

Kamari Black Beach 

dsc_0111dscf5332Because of its long stretch of coast with black volcanic sand and pebbles, Kamari is the most popular beach for tourists. During summer time this place is filled with people who wants to enjoy the beach under the Santorini sun. It offers a variety of entertainment, water activities and lively nightlife.

dsc_0091dsc_0104dsc_0158Sun loungers and umbrellas are available for rent or you have the option to use it as long as you will order food and drinks.

dscf5333dsc_0143There are many shops and restaurants as well as hotels lined along the promenade. You can also find bars and cafes that has a perfect view of the beach and the Mesa Vouno mountain.

During our visit in here, Derick and I sampled one of the tavernas in the area before hitting the beach. We had the freshest  Grilled Seafood Plate for lunch. I must say it was one of the best seafood we had. The price was a bit cheaper compared to the ones in Oia and Fira. It was definitely a great way to enjoy both food and the beach. That’s why I love Kamari.

Red Beach

dscf5271There are only few places in the world where you can find a red beach and one is in Santorini. Unique as it may seem but the place is also dangerous because of the possibility of rockfalls and landslides. Going there was quite of a challenge since you need to climb up through a hill and walk through a rocky cliff going down to the cove.

dsc_0014Along the way, the views were impressive. As you climb through the hill, the stunning views of the sea and the cove will dramatically appear in contrast of the blue waters. At the edge of the hill you’ll find yourself standing on a cliff overlooking the Red Beach. It is the best vantage point to have a picture of the beach.

dscf5278dscf5274dscf5273dscf5254There were no restaurants as well as showers, toilet and changing rooms at the beach. The only thing you can do is to swim and have a good feel of the water that is being surrounded by the red cliff which you can’t find  elsewhere. Hahaha! Some tourists said that there’s nothing special about the Red beach. But for me, the fact that it is red, made it undeniably unique. So why not put on your swimsuit and flaunt your oozing beach body. Right? For goodness sake you’re in Santorini!

Perissa Beach

dsc_0153Lying at the base of the rock mountain called Mesa Vouno is where the Perissa coast begins. The other side of the mountain is the village of Kamari. Similar to Kamari Beach, Perissa is also a beach destination for tourist. Although in my opinion, Kamari is more upscale than Perissa. Many tour buses brought tourists here for a lunch stop or to enjoy a swim. Which made the place very crowded.

dsc_0173Perissa was a little bit cramped for me. There were too many sun loungers that mostly occupied the whole beach area.

dscf5112dscf5103dscf5104dscf5091dscf5089We came here for a lunch stop during our Santorini Sightseeing Tour. Perissa is also a good place to relax and enjoy a hearty lunch by the sea.

Overall Derick and I enjoyed our beach hopping in Santorini. Each place has unique characteristics that made every experience  memorable and worthwhile. I would definitely love to visit these beaches again. Hopefully we can come back!