Paris Disneyland & Walt Disney Studios: Where The Magic Begins

Who says only kids will enjoy Disneyland? No matter how old you get there’s always a little child inside of you. It’s good to be kid again especially if you’re in the happiest place on earth. Who cares as long as you’re having fun. Right?

If I’m not mistaken there are 7 Disneyland Parks around the world and Paris Disneyland was the first we visited. We’d been to many theme parks before like Movie World, Dream World and Sea World in Australia and Universal Studios in Singapore however Disneyland is quite different because it is where the magic begins. Why did I say that? Because the moment we entered the park I can’t stop smiling. Our moods changed and we became very ecstatic. My husband and I were both dancing with excitement. Isn’t that magic? We were back to being kids again. Hahaha!


Disneyland Park


Walt Disney Studios

Paris Disneyland consist of two theme parks; the Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios. Of course your Disneyland adventure wouldn’t be complete without visiting Walt Disney Studios. Due to our limited time in Paris, we took advantage of getting two theme park tickets for one day. So right after exploring Disneyland Park we headed to Walt Disney Studios which is right next to the other park.

Disneyland Park



Walt Disney Studios

Aside from the regular rides, Walt Disney Studios features the history of Disney, how they do movies (using sounds and special effects) and exhibition and galleries of items they use in the movies.

The experience was totally worth it. Regardless of how tired we were still it was a day worth remembering. (Summer 2015)