Travel Vlog#1: Exploring Venice, Italy

In addition to my Venice blog and photo gallery here’s our video about the place. I posted this video a week ago in my newly revived Youtube channel and perhaps you guys might want to check it out. This is the first travel vlog I posted and I’m hoping to add more videos in my channel. You can follow me by subscribing my channel. Thanks! ā¤

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12 thoughts on “Travel Vlog#1: Exploring Venice, Italy

  1. Joy ang ganda! We initially planned to visit Venice too for our Europe trip next year pero out of the way from our orig destination. Waah super ganda ng Venice from your video, need to work extra hard to save more for travel! =))

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    1. Thank you Mav! You can’t explore Europe in one visit talaga. Like kami we did Central Europe, then Eastern and Greece. Next nalang ang Northern ipon muna hahaha. Okay lang worth naman the hard work ang travel and its priceless. šŸ™‚


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