The Cheesecake Factory – Le Mall Jeddah

The Cheesecake Factory in Le Mall Jeddah has been around for quite sometime now but I wasn’t really interested to try it before because I thought it’s just a dessert bar.  Until one friend told us that the restaurant doesn’t only serve cakes and desserts but they also offer a good selection of dishes on their menu. Ooopsie! I was wrong, what a shame!

I immediately checked TripAdvisor and I found out that they’re on the top #4 best restaurants in Jeddah. Would you believe that? My curiosity heightened so we decided to have our lunch there few weeks ago.

We arrived at around 12 noon and it was temporarily closed for Dhuhr prayer. There was already a long queue of customers waiting outside which gave me the feeling that the food in this restaurant must be really good.  But still it remains to be seen until I finally tasted it.

dscf7474editedMy first impression when I entered the family area, was wow! I never expected that the interiors are this grand. It has high ceilings, columns with mosaic decors and lots of hanging lamps. The ambiance itself gives you excitement and encourages you to indulge.

20161112_143335Right at the entrance you will see the glorious display of assorted and mouth-watering cheesecakes. I must say the place is totally a wonderland of cakes. My jaw literally dropped when I saw these heavenly cakes and I was so confused which one I’ll pick.

dscf7471editedA very charming staff welcomed us and brought us to  our table. I was glad he gave us a good seat in the house. We have one big cubicle all to ourselves. Each cubicle was designed for privacy and comfort of the guests which I really like.

dscf7476Complimentary bread and butter

Right after we got settled, a friendly food server gave us the menu, introduced himself (as Edmund) and briefly discussed what’s on the menu at the same time he presented us their best seller cakes and house specials. As soon as Edmund took our orders he came back and served us the complimentary bread including the drinks that we ordered.

dscf7479We didn’t order any starters since there was complimentary bread already and also I have a feeling that the serving portions are big (which I’m right). The three of us ordered individual meals of our choice. We ordered burger, pasta, grilled salmon and of course cheesecakes for dessert.

dscf7483The Old Fashioned Burger

The burger was huge and served with fries. I had a small bite of it just to have an idea of how it taste like. The beef patty was good but nothing to rave about since it has a typical burger taste. At first glance, I thought it’s not a burger because it was served in a different way. It looked like a grilled patty on top of the bread and at the other half of the bun were the veggies and pickles. The presentation gives you the flexibility to adjust on how you would like to eat it. Whether you want less pickles or add more ketchup, it’s all up to you.

dscf7482Spaghetti Bolognese with meatballs

Some Filipinos might not like this pasta because it has more of a sour taste compared to the typical Filipino sweet style spaghetti. It has an authentic Italian classic taste which  was perfect for my husband’s taste buds. The meatballs were soft and well seasoned and the pasta was aldente. I guess Derick loved it because he finished it right away without me noticing it.

dscf7480Grilled Salmon

I’m a sucker for salmon so I ordered it again. I love my salmon cooked from medium to med-well. This one was med-well, still moist and flaky which I love. Served with mashed potatoes and roasted broccoli on the side. The mashed potato was thick and dense since they didn’t put any cream or butter on it. Health conscious peeps will definitely love it. Actually it wasn’t that bad. However, I would have preferred mine to be a little bit creamy and fluffy. The roasted broccoli was a bomb.  Tossed with garlic and parmesan, it produced a delightful savory taste that complimented all the elements on the plate. I absolutely loved it!

dscf7489Godiva Cheesecake

For dessert we ordered 2 kinds of cheesecakes. We had Godiva and Salted Caramel. Chocolate lovers will surely enjoy the Godiva (Belgian chocolate) cheesecake. I swear you gonna love it! I don’t know how to describe it but you can see the layers of chocolate from crust to the top. It has a smooth choco mousse next to the crust followed with a big chunks of Godiva and another layer of chocolate (I don’t know how’s it called) topped with whipped cream and a bar of Godiva. My goodness! This cake is really worth every calories and migraine hahaha.

dscf7486Salted Caramel Cheesecake

I know there are many cakes to choose from but this salted caramel cheesecake is definitely a must-try. You can never go wrong with it. The salty-sweet elements on it will surely make you want to dig in some more. The salted caramel is more subtle than the intense  flavored Godiva however both are insanely delicious.

Contrary to what I believed at first, The Cheesecake Factory has something for everyone. They have a wide variety of dishes in their menu from breakfast to dinner. Whether you’re a sweet tooth, a vegan, health conscious, even kids will surely enjoy it  here.

The Cheesecake Factory exceeded our expectations. They truly deserve to be one of the best restaurants in Jeddah. Although a bit pricey, I wouldn’t mind paying more as long as I’m happy and satisfied with the food and the service I get. I’m very pleased to give them a 5-star rating for food, service, ambiance and price. I can’t wait to go back.