Texas Roadhouse Restaurant – Le Mall Jeddah

Texas Roadhouse restaurant doesn’t ring a bell to me. Of all the restaurants in Le Mall-Jeddah, this is the only one we haven’t tried yet. Curious to know what it offers, Derick and I checked their menu and found out that they specialize in steaks and ribs. And speaking of which, who can say no to a juicy and succulent grilled goodness? As a meat sucker I immediately agreed to have our lunch there.


Texas Roadhouse is a legendary steak restaurant serving American cuisine from the best steaks and ribs to made-from-scratch sides & fresh-baked rolls.

dscf7911editedThe first thing you will see the moment you get in, are the fresh meat display. Right then and there you can choose what kind of meat, cut and which part you prefer for your meal.

dscf7914editedOpen layout prepping station


As the first customers, we have the whole restaurant all to ourselves. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. It has a cabin feel ambiance like we were dining in an outback restaurant. Surprisingly, their family area has an open layout compared to other restaurants that have separate cubicles for families.

dscf7919editedComplimentary fresh-baked rolls

Their complimentary freshly baked bread rolls are by far the best complimentary bread I’ve ever had. The bread was super soft, fluffy, and smelling-good-buttery-delicious rolls paired with strawberry flavored cream. Oh, I loved it so much! In just a matter of seconds the bread rolls were finished. Thankfully, our generous waiter happily gave us another round of those delicious rolls.

While munching on the second round of bread, we ordered the appetizer platter for starters and our preferred meals. Our friend had braised beef brisket, Derick ordered grilled shrimps, and as for me, I had the beef sirloin steak.

dscf7934editedThe appetizer platter consists of potato skin with melted cheese and bacon bits, chili and cheese bites, fried chicken wings and tartare sauce. Before our main dishes landed on the table those babies were like hit by the lightning, and gone in a few minutes. That’s how we enjoyed our appetizers.

dscf7943editedBraised beef brisket and mashed potatoes

I got a few slices of the beef brisket, it was delicious but not extra ordinary to rave about. The gravy adds extra flavor and moisture to enhance the taste. Also it’s a good combination with mashed potato. Nothing was wasted and the plate was cleaned up.

dscf794edited4Grilled shrimps with yellow rice & corn

Sizzling fresh from the grill was my husband’s grilled shrimp in skewers sitting on top of the rice. It was grilled to perfection and well seasoned. There were no left overs on the plate. Derick loved it and obviously he was happy with what he ordered.

dscf7951editedBeef Sirloin with veggies and rice on the side

My sirloin steak was perfectly cooked as per instruction. I chose yellow rice and steamed veggies to go with it. The rice was well seasoned and very delicious, unfortunately the veggies were over cooked and very saggy. It’s a shame that I wasn’t able to finish it and left it sitting on my plate. It was too overcooked for me and it didn’t taste good at all.

I would love to have desserts however they only have 2 desserts to choose from and both are chocolate flavored goodies. So we opted to pass on dessert at that moment since there are other options for desserts just right next door.

Overall, it would have been perfect if not because of the overcooked veggies. Nevertheless, I am happy to give Texas Roadhouse 4 stars for excellent customer service, value for money, cleanliness and ambiance. I hope the next time we come back they already have new addition to their dessert menu and have mastered cooking their veggies to perfection. To be honest, I’m dying to go back for those fresh-baked bread rolls.