Plantation Bay Resort & Spa Mactan Cebu: Perfect Place For Family Bonding

Living abroad and being away from my family, I always look forward to the day where I can go home to be with them. This is the reason why every time we’re on vacation I make it a point to spend quality time with my family. Nothing really compares to be with them in the flesh and share happy moments thru family gatherings. In these times my problem is how to organize everything given that we only have a limited time during our vacation. Venue is always my main concern, although location, food and activities that we will enjoy are equally important too. Where can I find a venue that is both intimate and perfect for family gatherings?

Plantation Bay 2

I’m glad Plantation Bay Resort and Spa offers a Day Tripper Adventure Package. To be honest, I find it intimidating at first knowing that Plantation Bay is a luxury resort. I was actually worried if the price I will pay is all worth it? Finally that question was answered when we availed the package recently. Do you want to know how our family bonding unfolded? What were the activities we enjoyed during our Day Trip Adventure?

The Daytripper Adventure Package includes the following:

  • Lunch and choice of drink
  • Lagoons and swimming pools
  • Wall climbing at selected hours
  • 30-minute use of bicycles
  • 15-minute use of non-motorized aqua sports facilities (nips floater or kayak)
  • Foosball, air hockey and table tennis
  • Shower and changing facilities
  • Use of towels

DSCF8796My first impression was wow! Upon our arrival we were warmly welcomed by the resort attendants and even helped us find a parking space. The place is huge and I must say it is very Instagrammable. Well let’s face it, part of documenting memories nowadays is posting it in social media and places like this are post worthy, isn’t it?

Plantation Bay 1We arrived at the resort at around 10 o’clock in the morning with the expectation that the place was full because it was Saturday and many families were spending their family day there. However, surprisingly the place was not crowded even if the resort was holding a large group of day-trippers during that time. We still had ample space for the whole family.

Plantation Bay GazeboWe got settled in one of the gazebo’s near the pool and my senior parents lounged comfortably with the sun beds provided. While my siblings were enjoying the pool I was also busy taking photos. Every angle is picture perfect!

DSCF8812How about a hammock in a pretty mini island? Yes please!

Plantation Bay 10Saltwater lagoon

Did you know that Plantation Bay Resort and Spa has many swimming areas? Yes, they have saltwater man-made lagoon, 4 swimming pools and a private beach. It’s up to you to choose which one you prefer. You can even try them all if you want.

DSCF8835Resort’s exclusive beach

Lunch at Kilimanjaro Kafe

We had our set lunch at Kilimanjaro Kafe. The restaurant has a beautiful view of the pool. It has a relaxing cozy ambiance. We were given a set menu option so we can choose which starter, main and dessert that we want. The portions were huge and good for sharing which gave us a hard time finishing each plate. We actually brought home some leftovers.

All meals that were served to us were fresh and prepared well. I had fresh green salad with thousand island dressing for starter and braised Ox-tongue with rice. It sounds weird that I’m eating an Ox tongue however it tasted really good. Not bad for first-timer’s experience. The Vietnamese style fried spring rolls and the sweet and sour tanigue fish was a hit, my family loved it.

Plantation Bay 14Kilimanjaro Kafe by the pool

DSCF8879Enjoying the food and each others company

DSCF8802Platation Bay Kayak

With all the activities available for the day trippers it would be too much for us to do everything. Swimming at the pool and kayaking at the lagoon was enough for us. What we loved the most was the time spent with each other having good food and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere.

Other Activities For Day Trippers

There were many things to do and activities to enjoy at the resort. If you’re young and full of energy that you need to exhaust feel free to explore around the place with a free 30-minute use of the bicycle. Visit the game room wherein you can enjoy foosball, air hockey, billiards and table tennis.

DSCF8931Not afraid of heights? Try climbing that wall.

We ended our day trip tired but of course filled with wonderful memories. Another unforgettable experience that we will cherish forever.

DSCF8978Showing our happy faces before leaving the resort. Seeing their smiles made me the happiest person on earth. It’s priceless!

I am grateful for the opportunity and the exceptional service extended to us by all the staff of Plantation Bay Resort and Spa. I’m sure that this is not going to be our last visit.

If you’re planning to have a family bonding anytime soon, I highly recommend that you consider going to Plantation Bay Resort and Spa and I’ll tell you it’s worth every cent you will shell out. Prices are not mentioned here as they have a different rates for weekdays and weekends. You may visit their official website here to see more of their packages and other promotions.

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