Buffet Review: Cafe 1228 New World Makati Hotel

It has been our tradition to celebrate our monthsaries. Since Derick and I became a couple, every month we randomly visit places or restaurants we feel like going to. Depending on our mood and cravings or whatever tickles our fancy we will try it out.

Two months ago we landed back in Manila for our annual Philippine vacation. It was in time for our monthsary celebration so we decided to try Cafe 1228. We don’t have any idea about the restaurant, but since it’s very close to our hotel in Greenbelt we decided to sample their offerings.

Cafe 1228 Entrance

Located inside the upscale New World Makati Hotel, Cafe 1228 is the hotel’s main restaurant that caters all day dining to guests including breakfast, lunch and dinner service buffets.


Cafe 1228 Dining Area 2Cafe 1228 Dining Area

The venue isn’t that grand but it has a good flow so that diners can freely go around while getting some food from each station. It has a homey atmosphere where diners can lounge and dine comfortably.

Cafe 1228Long table for big family or groups are available.


To be honest Derick and I wasn’t so thrilled about the buffet, however when we saw the abundance of seafood on the spread we became ecstatic. Not only that, I was also very happy to see the Filipino corner where most of my favorite dishes were present. Sisig, Cripsy Pata, Lechon Kawali, Kare-kare were some of the Filipino selection. My goodness these were the food I craved for before we flew back to Manila.

Each station was well organized and the food looked very appetizing that you can’t help but to try it out. Now the question is where to begin?

Salad Station

DSCF8725Spiced bean salad, potato salad, garden salad, chicken with oregano, kinilaw and roasted artichoke with arugula.

Aside from the basic fresh greens and salad condiments, they also showcased the local favorite Kinilaw or Ceviche. I haven’t eaten it for the longest time and it made me very happy to savor it again.

Meat Section with Live Cooking Station


The meat section displays several meat dishes like lamb, pork and beef. I tried the pork roast with apple sauce and beef roast and both were perfectly cooked. The pork and beef roasts were delicious that I have go back and ask for another slice.

Cafe 1228 Roast BeefAustralian Beef Roast


The live cooking area has pre-marinated proteins that were ready for grilling according to your liking. They also have a good selection of sauce that goes perfectly with any of the grilled items.

Pizza and Pasta Station


I love Italian food. However, I somewhat ignored this station since I’ve been eating a lot of it lately. Just like any other buffets you can order your own pasta and they’ll cook it for you. So there’s no reason for pizza and pasta aficionados to be sad because something is available for them.

Seafood Section


My seafood lover husband was in heaven with all those delightful seafood offerings. Just like the meat station you can also order fresh seafood to be cooked as you wish.

Chinese and Japanese Cuisine


In the Chinese and Japanese counter, you can create your own noodle soup. Assorted freshly cooked dumplings were also available. Ramen is also available. You can even have your ramen prepared the way you like it to be.

These bit-size Japanese delightful goodness are worth trying. I can’t remember how many sushi, sashimi and maki were stuffed inside our tummies. But who cares? Simply the look of it will make you grab some more.

Filipino Section

DSCF8701Cafe 1228 Filipino Favorites

I don’t need to say more. I craved so much of these and I was satisfied! Unhealthy? Maybe… but I get to eat it once a year. So I indulged until my heart’s content.

Cafe 1228 Native DessertsFilipino sweet delicacies like sapin-sapin, maja blanca, puto, buko pie and suman with special latik were present. I tried most of it and it’s all good.

Desserts and Fruits

Cafe 1228 Desserts

The dessert bar offers a variety of mouthwatering desserts from assorted cakes, Filipino favorites and a lot more.

Overall Experience

Having been to many lavish buffets before, I can say Cafe 1228 wasn’t that impressive. It was not even grand. However, it’s not about quantity but QUALITY. They have delivered a good selection of quality comfort food that every guest would surely enjoy.

Derick and I had amazing lunch buffet experience. The service was excellent. Although it’s a bit pricey, the quality of food you get was all worth it. Good buffet is measured on how much you enjoyed your food, not on the price you paid.

I can’t recommend enough of what items to eat. But if you can, try them all. You don’t want to go home with regret because you didn’t try a particular dish. Go ahead and indulge!

β€œThere is no sincerer love than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw