Hong Kong Disneyland: 3 Magical Days Experience

Who said we are too old for Disneyland? Can you imagine three adults running around, dancing, laughing, chasing Disney characters for photos and totally having fun? Yes, that’s us! For the second time, Derick and I were under Disney’s spell as we experienced ‘Three Magical Days in Hong Kong Disneyland’.

The 3 Magical Days is actually a Disney Getaway Package we booked online. This package included the following:

  • 2 Nights Disney Hollywood Hotel Accommodation *Daily Breakfast *Priority Check-In *Late Check-Out *2 Days General Admission Park Tickets *Park Meal Coupons *2 Days Photo-Pass Plus *Free Transportation (from the hotel to the airport) *Reserved Viewing Area (Parades and Fireworks)
  • Extra perks were also given to us during our stay. *Free room upgrade *Free snack coupons (popcorn and frozen delights) *Meet and greet with Chef Mickey during breakfast at Mickey’s Cafe

Disneyland Resort

There’s no exact guide on how to enjoy Disneyland, however just be sure that you had breakfast and are comfortable shoes and clothing… then you’re good to go.

HK Disneyland Entrance 1HK Disneyland 2HK Disneyland 1Disneyland HK Taxi CabDisneyland HK ManorDisneyland Castle


Visiting Instagram worthy places such as Disneyland isn’t complete without having amazing photos for remembrance. Unfortunately bringing cameras especially SLR’s is back breaking. Not only that, you need other equipment like tripods. Setting up these equipment to get good quality photos would be a total hassle.

One major advantage of getting a Disney package is the Photo-Pass Plus. It gives you the convenience of going around the park  without bringing a camera. All you have to do is to register and download the app to your mobile phone. Bring the Photo-Pass card inside the park and whenever you’re ready for picture taking, just give it to the park photographers so they can scan it and your photos are directly available in your mobile phone. Simple and hassle free!


Because we have access to the reserved viewing areas we were able to see the parade and fireworks display comfortably sans the crowd. In addition we also had a good vantage point for video/picture taking in these areas.


Disney Fireworks 2Disney Fireworks 1Disney FireworksThe closing firework show was really magical.


Food is always part of the fun because you will never enjoy things around you even how beautiful it is with a hungry stomach. Inclusive of the package are meal vouchers and beverage discount coupons that can be claimed inside the park. Everything in the pictures above are the food we enjoyed during our 2 days in the park. There were many food options and cuisines to choose from and the meal vouchers were not only limited to one restaurant but also in many dining places within the park.

Words are not enough to express how much we enjoyed our 2 days Disneyland park adventure. I’m very happy that we booked 3 Magical Days Disney Getaway Package because it was very convenient and totally worth the money we paid for. If money isn’t an issue, might as well book the package especially if you have little kids in tow. I promise you will not regret it.

*** This is not a sponsored post, however if you want to know more about the package please click here.

Live life without regrets and cherish every moment!

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