Eat Greek Kouzina – Mall of the Emirates

Greek food is one of my top five favorite cuisines. It started when we had our first taste of authentic Greek food in Santorini. How can I forget the Gyro and Souvlaki with freshly baked pita bread and tzatziki sauce. They are just delicious that I couldn’t help myself but crave.

Speaking of cravings, I finally gave in to it when we saw EAT GREEK KOUZINA. The restaurant has several branches in the United Arab Emirates and the one we visited was in the Mall of the Emirates.


Eat Greek MOEEat Greek Dinig AreaUnlike traditional Greek Tavernas, Eat Greek’s ambiance is more of a modern industrial interior design. It has a spacious dining area that is somewhat extended to provide an alfresco vibe. This somehow give you the feeling that you are dining on the streets of Plaka in Athens. I personally love the touches of blue and white accents… it’s perfectly Greek.


Eat GreekFrankly the only reason why we had our lunch here was because I want to eat the food that I’ve been craving for so long, Souvlaki. I got very excited when the attendant offered their lunch menu and Souvlaki was one of the choices. I just couldn’t say no.

Eat Greek SaladLettuce Salad (spring onions, dill leaves and lemon oil dressing)

The Lunch Menu included lettuce salad and bread, choice of main dishes and water or soft-drinks. It is actually the cheapest option you can get but enough to satisfy your hunger.

Eat Greek SouvlakiChicken Souvlaki (chargrilled chicken skewers)

So yes, I got myself the chicken souvlaki with pita bread, fried potatoes and tzatziki sauce. The chicken was perfectly cooked. Although a little bit under-seasoned, it tasted real good when dipped in the tzatziki sauce. The sauce really enhanced the taste and balanced the flavors. Their pita bread and the fried potatoes were also delicious. The serving was just enough for me.

Eat Greek Fish & ChipsGreek Fish & Chips (battered fried fish fillet with fried potatoes and garlic dip)

My husband ordered fish and chips. The fish was cooked crispy outside and moist inside. Just like the souvlaki it was also a little bit under-seasoned. It wasn’t actually a bad thing since they were giving us the option to season our food according to our liking. All the necessary condiments were provided on our table. The fried potatoes were not greasy which we liked so much.

Eat Greek DessertGalaktoboureko (vanilla scented milk custard pie)

The lunch menu didn’t include desserts, however (for whatever reason we don’t know), we were given a complimentary Galaktoboureko dessert to try out. This is a traditional custard pie dessert covered with a crispy filo pastry. I love how deliciously smooth the custard was. It was also not overly sweet. It was our first time to try this dessert and we loved it.

House Specials and Best-sellers

Eat GreekOctopusOctopus with Eggplant Mousse

Eat Greek Jumbo PrawnsJumbo Prawns Saganaki

Eat Greek have good menu selections from starters, main dishes to desserts. The two dishes on the pictures above are the recommended dishes and must-try’s. It was unfortunate that we didn’t order their best-sellers but we will definitely go back and try some of their house specials.


The service was exceptional. All the staff were very accommodating and friendly. We did not wait too long for our food to get served. In fact we were surprised when the restaurant manager was the one who personally served the food on our table.

Finally, my husband and I would just like to extend our gratitude to the Manager for giving us complimentary goodies. Sometimes it is the little gestures that makes the experience perfect. We would really love to go back and try their other dishes.

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