Discover Yanbu, KSA: Top 6 Things To Do

Probably most of you don’t have any idea about Yanbu or have not ever heard of it yet. But would you be interested of learning something about this small city in Saudi Arabia? If you will check the world map, this place seems to be non-existent. You would need to zoom the map to see it clearly. Yanbu is located on the western side of the Kingdom. It is a port city by the Red Sea and is considered to be the main port of the Madinah Region.

I’m not gonna talk about its history. However, let me take you to this side of the world and see why it’s worth a visit. Even though this city is nothing compared to big cities like Jeddah and Riyadh, Yanbu has its own charm that sways visitors to come and visit.

Would you like to visit Yanbu? Here are the  Top 6 things to do in Yanbu and photos that will inspire you to visit.

1. See the largest Carpet of Flowers in the world

DSC_0032copyYanbu Carpet of Flowers 2017

This year’s Yanbu Flower Festival will officially open on March 1, 2018. The festival will showcase the world’s largest Carpet of Flowers. The carpet has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for a couple of times and has remained there from March 14, 2017 until now.

DSCF8493copyBeautifully landscaped gardens (Yanbu Flower Festival 2017)

20140225_185523_LLSThe flower festival only lasts for a couple of weeks so you would need to check it out as soon as you can. I would probably post a blog about it after this one to give you a glimpse of this year’s flower festival. However it would be best if you can come and see it for yourself.

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2. Take a dip into its white sand beaches

dscf6904dscf6905As a city by the Red Sea, Yanbu has several beaches that are open to the public.

3. Watch the spectacular sunset

dscf6873dscf6962If you’re a sunset chaser like me, I’m sure that you will definitely enjoy the sunset in Yanbu. It is best viewed at the Waterfront Park or in the Corniche area in Yanbu Al Bahr. (Read: Yanbu KSA | Chasing Sunset at the Waterfront Park)

4. Learn its history and culture at the Yanbu Historic Area 

Yanbu Historic BldgYanbu Historic Bldg 1The historic site houses several multi-storied ancient buildings, which are unique with their rare features of architectural heritage. These buildings were made of sea stones with wooden frames and roofs with date palm trunk.

Yanbu Historic Bldg 2This newly restored traditional souk is one of the features in the Historic Site

Light HouseFronting the Historic site is the Yanbu Lighthouse and the newly landscaped baywalk.

5. Visit the Yanbu Lake

DSC_0145DSC_0133Read: Lakes in the Desert – Yanbu Lakes

6. Enjoy a picnic at the park

dscf6950Gazebos are provided for family picnics or gatherings.

dscf6925Children’s Playground

dscf6956There are many parks and green spaces especially in Yanbu Al Sinaiyah.

If you plan to see the Yanbu Flower Festival this year, why not explore this city and do the things I have recommended above.

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