TRIO Restaurant at NOVOTEL Yanbu, KSA

Do you have a favorite restaurant? One that you love so much that you have to keep coming back just to try their other offerings? For me TRIO is one of those restaurants. Since NOVOTEL opened its hotel in Yanbu, their restaurant has been our go to food place. With or without occasions to celebrate, we just love to hang out and enjoy their food.

TRIO is Novotel’s all-day dining restaurant. It is open to serve guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner service. We haven’t tried their breakfast buffet yet, so my review were based on our ‘Ala Carte, Business Lunch & Dinner’ and ‘Buffet Dinner’ experience.

Novotel LobbyHotel entrance and reception area


The modern aesthetics and homey ambiance are some of the reasons why I love to dine at Trio. It has ample space to move around and I don’t feel very confined. Although it has open layout, you still have privacy. It is relatively quiet and during the time we were there, there were only a few people dining.

DiningDining area

Ala Carte Menu

During our first visit we tried their Ala Carte menu since it was early for dinner service. The menu was pretty basic and somewhat similar to their room service menu. There were few selections available but it is complete with starters (soups and salads), main dishes (including sandwiches, pizza and pasta), desserts and beverages.

For starters we ordered Chicken and Corn Soup. Derick had Grilled Seafood and I got Grilled Beef as our main dishes. Then we had Apple Tart with Strawberry Syrup for dessert. They also served flat bread with butter as complimentary.

The dishes we ordered were all perfectly cooked and delicious. Although It was a little bit on the pricey end, it was still all worth it. I have nothing negative to say, the servings were huge so I think the price is reasonable enough.

Business Lunch and Dinner Menu

I’m glad that Novotel came up with the idea of Business Lunch/Dinner Menu. For the price of 59 SAR you can choose from the 3 options of main dishes and it includes a buffet for salad and dessert. The portions of the main dishes are just right that you can still enjoy the unlimited salads and desserts from the buffet station.

It is actually very economical. It is not that expensive but you can still be assured that the quality of food was not compromised. Between the Ala Carte and Buffet, I would definitely choose the Business Lunch/Dinner Menu as it is very affordable, delicious and it doesn’t give me the guilt feeling of eating too much.

Dinner Buffet

I know most of us are sometimes intimidated when it comes to buffets. Let’s be honest, we find hotel buffets very expensive. That’s true. They are expensive. But surprisingly, in TRIO, you can certainly enjoy a buffet dinner without hurting your pocket. For only 120 SAR you can enjoy a Moroccan dinner buffet during weekends. As for their weekdays dinner buffet, you just need to shell out 99 SAR. That’s way cheaper compared to other buffets in the city of Yanbu.

The salad station has great choices of starters and fresh varieties of greens and dressings. You can create your own salad according to your liking or you can try the assorted salad selection freshly prepared by the chef.

The hot dishes were quite impressive for me. You can choose from lamb, beef, chicken, fish and vegetables. Even the picky eaters has something to love. Their Australian Lamb Roast was really a hit. It was well prepared and succulent that you’ll keep coming back for more. My personal favorite was the Salmon and Beef Roast.

The dessert station has a variety of delicious pastry selections. The Arabic favorite Um-Ali was always present in every buffet night. Fresh fruit slices was over flowing too.

Trio’s buffet spread might not be as grand compared to other hotel buffets in town but they definitely serve good quality hot dishes, selections of fresh salads and mouthwatering desserts. The good thing here is that you are not paying for the food that you didn’t eat. Rather, you are paying for something you enjoyed.

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Please note that the hotel dinner service may vary from time to time depending on their occupancy rate and the day of the week. Most of the time they offer Business Lunch and Dinner Menu during weekdays and Buffet Dinner on weekends.  In between breakfast, lunch and dinner they only serve Ala Carte food.

Price and Service

So far we didn’t have any bad experience when it comes to service. All staff were very polite and accommodating. Even the Chefs are very friendly. Excellent service,  good quality of food and value for money are the few reasons why we keep coming back to this place.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

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