Gostilna Sestica: Traditional Slovenian Evening

Derick and I were well aware that there is so much to see and many things to do in Slovenia. However, we decided to get a tour that took us to Slovenia for only 24 hours. Which was not bad though since we got the glimpse of the country’s capital Ljubljana and we saw the magical Lake Bled. So instead of complaining, we decided to just make the most of our 24 hours in the country.

What could be the best way to spend your night in Ljubljana? We actually had 3 options and the choices were: 1. Explore the Ljubljana Castle 2. Enjoy the night scenes in the city 3. Spend an Authentic Slovenian Evening (Folk Show and Dinner). We chose the latter because we wanted to know more of the cultural side of the country and of course the food.

Slovenian Dinner-2Our tour leader organized our optional activities. She brought us to the oldest Trattoria in the city, the Gostilna Sestica, This trattoria (or restaurant) is one of the few original restaurants that are still open to entertain guests since 1776.

Slovenian Dinner-1The ticket cost 30 euros per person. It included a 3 course dinner and one round of selected beverages.

The very accommodating staff in their traditional costumes served us local Slovenian wine together with nuts and dried fruits as we entered the trattoria.

Gostilna SesticaThe restaurant has traditional Slovenian ambiance from the furnishings to the decors. It has an open layout design that can accommodates big groups of tourists and it has a spacious dance floor too.

Slovenian Dinner-3Our night started with traditional Slovenian music played by in-house musicians of the trattoria. The music as well as the musicians were very entertaining. Unfortunately, even the good music was not enough to make up for the fact that our food were served very late and the service was painfully slow.

The food was served at around 7:30 in the evening and everyone was so hungry already.

Slovenian Dinner-4Green Salad with beans

Slovenian Dinner StarterCheese and Sausage Platter

Slovenian Dinner Starter-1Assorted local cheese as starter

DinnerSlovenian Fried Chicken

Dinner2Chicken and Pork Combo with mashed potato.

DessertPoached pear in red wine with heavy cream

Slovenian Dinner-3While eating our dinner the music continues.

Gostilna Sestica4After our dinner the Folk show started. There were lots of dancing, music playing and games which everyone enjoyed so much.

Gostilna Sestica3.jpgGostilna Sestica1 The exchanged hat game. This was by far the most exciting and funniest game I’ve seen.

Slovenian EveningSome helpful Slovenian words for survival.

Gostilna Sestica2Our group during the Slovenian Evening

We had a fantastic night. If you want to experience Slovenian hospitality then you might consider and experience the Slovenian Evening here at Gostilna Sestica. The only let down for me was the food. Our main dishes were bland and the dessert was not properly cooked. I hope they can improved on that in the future. Overall, it was fun filled night that we will never forget.

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