Atlantis The Palm: AquaVenture Water Park

You don’t need to stay in Atlantis The Palm to enjoy AquaVenture. The water park is open to non-hotel guests too. Park tickets can be bought at the water park entrance or online. It costs approximately $75 USD per person. Please take note that the price doesn’t include food & drinks, locker rental and towels.

To be honest it is quite expensive for me and probably I wouldn’t shell out such amount for a water park visit. Thankfully we are blessed of having generous friends in Dubai who sponsored our AquaVenture tickets. Derick and I are not into water activities. But since we got the chance to experience it, we definitely don’t want to miss the fun.

What are the things you will enjoy inside the Water Park?

DSCF9773Aqua Adventure-01Once inside, you can have unlimited access to all water slides and river rides. The are various activities in the park that everyone can enjoy whether you’re into family friendly or adrenaline pumping adventures. Whatever you choose, I’m sure you will have fun.


Atlantis Beach-04Atlantis Beach-03Atlantis Beach-01Atlantis Beach

AquaVenture Beach is a long stretch of white sand beach. You can bask under the sun with an amazing view of turquoise water and a city view at the backdrop. The are plenty of sun loungers where you can spend some time to relax.



AquaVenture-04Little tots also have their own area to enjoy at the water park. This area has mini slides which is safe for children. There are also many life guards working round the clock to ensure the safety of the kids.


Aqua AdventureAquaVenture-07AquaVenture-01The river rides has several zones where you can enjoy rapids and torrents. Approximately it will take you about an hour or less to navigate the river course. Derick and I spent most of our time enjoying the rapids again and again.


Derick&Joy-02The Tower of Poseidon

AquaVenture-02Derick and I tried several of their water slides. I never thought that we’ll have so much fun with the water slides, especially the Zoomerango. It’s definitely a must-try slide. Anybody who does this slide will surely have a blast.

AquaVenture-03The Leap of Faith

Derick&Joy-01No we didn’t try the Leap of Faith. I don’t have the guts to do it. Just the thought of it makes me throw-up.


Atlantis Dolphin BayAtlantis Dolphin Bay-01Dolphin Bay and Sea Lions Point are not included in the AquaVenture ticket. If you’re interested of having a close encounter with the Dolphins and Sea Lions you must book it in advance to secure a schedule. Of course, it has a separate charge per person.


Aqua Adventure-02AquaVenture-06

The water park has several restaurants and kiosk where you can grab some food and beverages. There’s even a Starbucks inside the park. Private cabanas, towel & locker rental are also available. Go-Pro or underwater cameras are also available for rentals as well.


Derick and I had a worthwhile experience at the AquaVenture water park. The only regret we had was that we didn’t have our own underwater camera. It would have been nice if we were able to record our amazing moments at the park. Nevertheless we definitely had a blast.