Romantic Getaway at Canonnier Beachcomber Resort, Mauritius

Derick and I always wanted to have a relaxing and romantic anniversary celebration in a beautiful island paradise. This is the reason why we flew to Mauritius. The island is perfect for couples who seek relaxation and an intimate time together.

As a world’s renowned wedding and honeymoon destination, the island is home of luxury hotels and resorts. However there are also other options to choose from depending on your budget.


Mauritius is a perfect holiday destination all year round, however there are also things to be taken into consideration when planning a trip. In our case, our wedding anniversary is on July. During this month, it is winter time in the island. Although their winter season is not as cold when compared to countries south of the equator, it still gets chilly. Normally around 17 degrees Celsius at night. One would also experience rain and strong winds in Mauritius during this time. With these things in mind, we chose a resort which has the most sunshine and is not affected by strong winds in the month of July. And base on our research, the northern and western part of the island would be the ideal location.


In choosing our accommodation we considered three criteria: Location, Good Reviews, and Price. The resort that best fit all criteria mentioned is the Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort and Spa. It is one of the properties of a well-known hotel and resort brand,  Beachcomber. Knowing the brand and its reputation, we expect nothing but the best.

Excellent Location

The resort is well situated at the Northwest part of the island in between Trou aux Biches and Grand Baie. These two places are popular beach and tourist attractions too. Also the capital, Port Louis is only a 20-minute drive from the resort. What is good about its location is the fact that it seldom gets affected by the strong winds from the south particularly during winter season.


Check In


Our arrival at the resort was expected since we already provided them all the necessary details. As soon as we entered the property they welcomed  us immediately. The check-in process was very comfortable and smooth. They let us sit and enjoy our welcome drinks. They also assisted us in completing all the check-in formalities. And then when all these were done, we were ushered to our designated room.

Beautiful Well-Appointed Rooms 


Our room was located at the second level where we have balcony overlooking the garden. The room has a decent size and is equipped with all the basic amenities. It was also very clean and comfortable.

CB-Room006Deluxe Queen Room

Splendid Beauty with Character 

The place is truly exquisite. One look at this place and you will surely be entice by its natural beauty. With that being said, every corner is a photo opportunity and very Instagram worthy.


It was called Canonnier because the place was once a fortress. Guarding the coast are the canons placed around the vicinity which was used for protection. These remnants from the past translates into an authentic character which makes this resort even more interesting.

CB-Joy005CB-Lighthouse01The huge Banyan trees which are now home of resort’s Spa and the ancient Lighthouse.

Plenty of Space for Everyone


What I love most about the resort is the huge area to roam around. There’s never a shortage of sunbeds and cottages. Even if the resort is full, you will not feel crowded. Derick and I found our place in the resort that made us feel that we were the only people in the property.


Two Outdoor Swimming Pools


Beautiful Beaches

Blue skies and white sand beaches are  what made Mauritius a paradise. And that’s the greatest asset Canonnier Beachcomber possessed. Eighty percent of the resort is surrounded by water and with this comes spectacular sea views. They have three beautiful beach areas attached to the property. All have sun loungers and individual cottages.


Water Activities & Recreational Facilities


The resort was never short of activities both indoors and outdoors. There’s always something for everyone and plenty of things to do. You will never get bored while vacationing here.

CB-Beach007CB-Mauritius-015The pedal boat was our favorite water activity at the resort.

CB-LighthouseAncient Lighthouse

The ancient lighthouse was converted into the Beachcomber Teens Club. We didn’t checked inside, but probably you’ll find video games and other stuff for teens in this old structure.

CB-Mauritius-009Kids Club

CB-Mauritius-007Family Recreation Room

The Spa


Dining Options

There are three restaurants inside the resort, Frangepanier (all-day dining and buffet restaurant), Serenata (Italian restaurant) and Navigator (fine dining restaurant).


During our stay we only tried both Frangepanier  and Navigator. We had our buffet breakfast and two of our dinners in Frangepanier. The food selections were satisfactory. However, it would be nice if they had a little more variety in the dishes they offer especially the breakfast buffet.

Spectacular Sunset


Wedding Anniversary Celebration


Read our romantic dinner at Navigator: Romantic Dinner At Navigator Restaurant: Canonnier Beachcomber, Mauritius

We had plenty of sun and blue skies during our stay so we took advantage of it by staying outdoors most of the time. Frolicking by the beach while enjoying the blue waters and the view. We also had so much fun doing some water activities together. Lounging by the beach and reading a good book while waiting for the sunset was the most romantic thing we experienced. We lived by the moment that we wished did not end.

Finally, Canonnier Beachcomber Resort was a good choice. We loved every moment of our stay and we have nothing but happy memories that we will forever cherish.

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