Mauritius: A Windy Day In Blue Bay

On a daytime arrival, as your plane approaches the Mauritius international airport you could easily spot Blue Bay from your airplane window. It was called Blue Bay because of its distinct blue colored waters. This feature sets it apart from the other bays in the island.

Pont Naturel, Blue Bay Marine Park and Ile des Deux Cocos are few of the popular attractions in Blue Bay. These would have been our main activities during our last two days in Mauritius. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperative that left us no choice but to cancel these places from our itinerary. Instead, Derick and I decided to spend a day at the Beach House.


Holiday Inn Mon Tresor Beach House

The beach house is privately owned by Holiday Inn Hotel Mon Tresor. Only hotel guests are allowed to use the beach house during the day. Although the beach is ideal for relaxation, there is nothing much to do here.

Blue-Bay-BeacHouseBeach HouseBeach House02Blue-Bay-Joy2Blue-Bay-Joy1Blue-Bay-Derick

There were no other guests during our visit so we have the entire  beach house for ourselves. We took time taking pictures and spent the rest of our time reading the books we brought. It was a relaxing lazy day. Not a bad way to end our romantic getaway in Mauritius.


The reason I blogged about Blue Bay is to remind myself that we didn’t get the chance to see the best of this side of the island. Hopefully we will get another chance to visit Mauritius in the future so we can explore Blue Bay fully.

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