Exploring Mauritius: DIY 6 Days Itinerary + Recommendations

As the finale to my Mauritius blog series, I’m sharing our full  DIY 6 days itinerary  and everything you need to know about this small island nation. Many of you have been asking me recommendations  and things to do in Mauritius, so I’m trying to put all important information that I’ve gathered during our stay in the island. I will also insert the links of all my previous blog posts about Mauritius to make it easier for you to navigate. If you haven’t read those articles yet, you can find all the links in this one.

Why Mauritius?

Derick and I chose Mauritius as our wedding anniversary destination because of the its unique characteristics. It is not only a world-renowned luxury wedding and honeymoon destination,  the country is also full of history and amazing culture. As an island nation in Indian Ocean you can expect not just blue waters and beaches but it has beautiful landscapes and vast flora and fauna too. (See post Mauritius: Heaven On Earth.)


Things to know before visiting Mauritius

  • Language – French, English, Hindi and Creole
  • Currency – Mauritian Rupee
  • Weather – Basically, the Island has two season – wet and dry. Rainy season is from May to October and the rest of the year is fairly dry. Best time to visit is around March and April as it has plenty of sunshine. If you’ll be visiting during the rainy months, it is best to stay in the Western and Northern part of the island to avoid the strong winds from the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Visa – Most nationalities can enter the country visa free. For Philippine passports holders, it is visa upon arrival.
  • Transportation – Public buses are the local’s main mode of transportation. However if you want to get around quickly, taxi is the most convenient way. Every resort have assigned taxis that only cater to their respective guests. Another option is car rental. Most families we met were renting cars.
  • Fact – Home of the biggest flightless bird on earth which is now extinct – the Dodo.


Our flight arrived in Mauritius at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Another hour spent traveling from the airport to our accommodation. Basically, the remaining hours of the day were spent getting ready for dinner. Although we spent total of 8 days in the island, I did not include our arrival and departure days. The itinerary is a full 6-day exploration of Mauritius.


Day 1 – Lazy day at the resort

For us being in Mauritius it is a must to indulge and experience luxury. Of course it is  a once in a lifetime chance to visit the island so why not savor it. After all, the intention is ultimate relaxation. So that’s what we did. On our first full day in island we soaked up the moment and enjoyed everything that is right in front of us.

The resort was really exquisite, you don’t want to leave once you’re there. Believe me. Everything you need were all available upon request and some were already provided in the room. You will also gain more kilos especially if you book an all-inclusive-stay.


Life couldn’t get any better if you are in this paradise. Read Romantic Getaway at Canonnier Beachcomber Resort, Mauritius

CB-Sunset1CB-SunsetEnded the day watching the spectacular sunset.

Day 2 – Exploring Northwestern Attractions

This tour covered the interesting sites of Port LouisPamplemousses and Riviere du Rempart districts. Read Mauritius: Exploring Northwestern Attractions

  • Port Louis – Fort Adelaide (Citadel), Le Caudan Waterfront, Blue Penney Museum, and The Natural History Museum
  • Pamplemousses – Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanic Garden  and visit to Kuan Fu Tea Factory
  • Riviere du Rempart – Cap Malheureux and Grand Baie

Fort Adeliade viewPort Louis – View of the city from Fort Adelaide

Cap MalheuruexThe famous Notre Dame in Cap Malheureux

After our 5-hour tour of Northwestern sites, we capped of the night with a romantic dinner. Read Romantic Dinner At Navigator Restaurant: Canonnier Beachcomber, Mauritius 

Day 3 – Resort Activities

As mentioned earlier, there are many activities to do at the resort. On our 3rd day we decided to stay at the resort again and took advantage of using the resort’s non-motorized water equipment. Kayak, paddle boards and pedal boats were some of the things you can use to enjoy water activities.


Derick and I enjoyed pedal boating around the resort. Swimming and pampering yourself at the spa are alternative options. However for us, the best way to enjoy the day is eating. We found a good seafood place near our resort and the food was excellent.

*The entire morning was spent at the resort then after lunch we checked-out to transfer to another hotel.

Day 4 – Catamaran Cruise to Ile aux Cerfs

Explore the island’s wonderful beaches and other interesting sites in the Eastern side of the island. I promise it’s all worth it. Read Mauritius: Catamaran Cruise to Ile aux Cerfs

  • Grand River Southeast Waterfall
  • Snorkeling and other water activities
  • Afternoon at Ile aux Cerfs

Catamaran Sailing03IleAuxCerfs-07Ile aux Cerfs

Day 5 – Blue Bay

Frankly we were not able to enjoy Blue Bay fully because of bad weather. However on a sunny day this place has a lot of beautiful sites and attractions. Regardless, our time was not wasted because we got to spent it at the beach house. Read Mauritius: A Windy Day In Blue Bay.

  • Blue Bay Marine Park
  • Pont Naturel
  • Ile des Deux Cocos

Blue-Bay-01Blue-Bay-06Holiday Inn Mon Tresor private beach house.

Day 6 – Southwestern Landscape Tour

Our last adventure in the island was full packed. Read Mauritius: In-Depth Tour of Southwestern Landscape.

  • Macondé Rock
  • Chamarel Waterfalls, Seven Colored Earth, Rhumerie de Chamarel and lunch at Le Chamarel Restaurant
  • Black River Gorge National Park
  • Grand Bassin (Sacred Hindu Site)
  • Trou aux Cerfs Volcanic Crater

Chamarel Waterfall-03Chamarel Waterfalls

davSeven Colored Earth

A week stay in Mauritius is enough to explore the entire island with extra time to relax at the resort. If there’s one thing we did not do that everyone should is – swimming with the dolphins. It’s a magical experience playing with these gentle creatures. Unfortunately Derick and I decided to skip it since it was very windy and the sea wasn’t calm.

Hopefully this itinerary will inspire you  to see Mauritius soon or perhaps add it in your travel list. If you have questions, please feel free to ask me by commenting below.

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