Yanbu Flower Festival 2019: Opening Date

To all my readers in Saudi Arabia, I know you guys are excited for this year’s upcoming Yanbu Flower Festival. Be ready because the long wait is almost over. In less than 17 days the festival grounds will officially open. It will run through February 28 (Thursday) until March 30 at Occasions Park – Royal Commission in Yanbu Al Sinaiyah. So plan your trip in advance and don’t miss the opportunity to see the city in full bloom.


Other things to do in Yanbu

Yanbu is more than just the venue of the famous Flower Festival. This beautiful little city has a lot of things to offer. Here’s my top 5 recommendations to enjoy Yanbu after visiting the Flower Festival.

Yanbu Anchor

1. Enjoy the beach


2. Watch the spectacular sunset


3. Picnic at the Waterfront Park


4. Visit Yanbu Lake


5. Learn the history and culture at Yanbu Historic Site in Al Bahr

Yanbu Historic BldgYanbu Historic Bldg 2

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