Top 8 Interesting Things To See and Do In Batumi, Georgia

Batumi is the second largest city of Georgia. Since it is located along the coast of the Black Sea, the city is a famous beach destination of the country. Both locals and international tourists visit here to enjoy the beach.

As Filipinos, we live in a country with lots of beautiful and pristine white sand beaches. Given this, we are not easily impressed when it comes to other  country’s beaches. We thought Batumi is just another beach city and has nothing much to offer. That is the reason why we spent only 2 days here. Little did we know that the city is more than just what we thought it was. Derick and I were impressed when we saw the long stretch of beach as we drove along their corniche area. The place was clean and the city itself was well planned. All establishments such as stores, cafes and restaurants were built away from the beach. There were designated walkways, jogging paths and bike lanes. Parks and children playgrounds are plenty. It’s just amazing! I actually envied Batumi and wished that we have something like it in the Philippines.

Anyway here are my  top 8 things to see in Batumi. Check out what we did during our 2 days stay in the city.

Batumi Beach

Batumi, Georgia BeachBatumi Beach

Who wouldn’t be entice to go for a swim on this beautiful beach especially during the hot summer months. It may not have fine white sands but it has small uniformed circular rocks and pebbles that you would love to walk on. There were many sun loungers with umbrellas available however if you don’t want to pay extra, you may spread your own picnic mat or beach towel and enjoy your beach time.

Stroll Along The Boulevard

Batumi Park 01Batumi Blvd1

Batumi boulevard is known as a seaside park. This park is a major crowd drawer. It’s like one stop shop. There are many activities to enjoy depending on your interest anytime of the day. At night, the strip will turn into a lively place full of fun and exciting scenes as far as your eyes can see. You can catch different kinds of street performers as well. There are pop-up shops if you want to shop. Finally there are no shortage of  bars if you want to enjoy the night with some drinks and meet new friends.

Ali and Nino

Ali and NinoBatumi Ali and Nino03

Your visit Batumi is not complete if you don’t get to see the moving statue of the lovers named Ali and Nino. This interesting piece of artwork was inspired from a novel that tells the story of a Muslim Azerbaijani boy who fell in love with a christian Georgian girl. The statue represents a man and a woman who are moving in opposite direction and eventually become a single statue as they meet.

Watch The Sunset and Dinner

Batumi Sunset 01Batumi Sunset 03

The sunset is pretty amazing in this part of the world. If you are a sunset chaser, then you might consider hanging out at the Batumi Pier. In our case we made sure that we found a nice restaurant by the beach with a stunning view of the sunset. It’s good to enjoy the moment eating seafood and cold drinks while watching the sun fade away.

Europe Square

Batumi Europe SquareBatumi Europe Square 05

Batumi Europe Square is my favorite place in the city. I totally fell in love with the old European style buildings and its beautiful architecture. Frankly it was a surprise for us. We did not expect to see something like it since most of the buildings we saw  as we arrived in the city were modern.  This place is really impressive and it’s perfect for photography too.

Piazza Square

Batumi Piazza1Mosaic Piazza Square

This is a quaint Italian style little square that houses several businesses such as boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. The unique feature of the piazza square is a central 106 square meter mosaic which is considered the largest figurative marble mosaic in Europe.

Gonio  Fortress and Archaeological Museum

Gonio Archeologicl Museum EntranceGonio Archeologicl Museum

During the 2nd century AD, the fortress was known as a well-fortified Roman city. Today it is used as a museum and it houses some treasured archaeological pieces. During our visit, we were told that one of Jesus 12 apostles grave can be found inside the fortress. The rumored apostle was named Matthias. I cannot confirm if he was really one of Jesus’ apostles. This is because you would not find the name Matthias listed as one of Jesus’ 12 apostles in the bible.

Batumi Botanical Garden

Batumi Botanical GardenBatumi Botanical Garden1

The botanical garden is a 108 hectare area of land 9 km north of the city of Batumi. Frankly this is the least of the things I would recommend to do in Batumi. But since it was included in our itinerary, we did check it out. We did not enjoy it though. We were rushing the whole time which was very tiring.  If you only have a limited time to spend in the city, I suggest to skip this. There’s nothing much to see here actually. It needs a lot of walking and it’s really a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful place. There’s even a spot where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea. One would, however, need to spend a couple of hours here to enjoy this place.

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