Breathtaking Adventure At The Okatse Canyon In Georgia

Another exciting adventure that we experienced in Georgia was our visit to the Okatse Canyon. The canyon is located 42 kilometers northwest of Kutaisi (second most populated city in Georgia). We decided to stay in Kutaisi as it is a convenient way to explore some interesting sights of the city and it  is also closer to the canyon. After our city tour in Kutaisi, we drove for about an hour. Upon reaching the Okatse Canyon Visitor Center we were given an orientation about the place prior to starting our trek.

From the visitor center you have to hike 2 kilometers through woods and streams. Along the way, there are few animals like cows, horses and bears. However the main highlight of  our trip was the 700 meters walk through a suspended walkway that hangs from the edge of the canyon. This walkway is approximately 100 meter deep and at the end you’ll find a viewing platform. (As seen on the featured photo above).

This tour requires a lot of walking so wearing comfortable clothing and footwear is a must. Also if you are afraid of heights (like me) then this is a way to somehow conquer your fear. Believe me, it’s all worth it.

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I’m happy that we did this tour, although I struggled walking through the hanging bridge but a least we had the chance to reconnect with nature. It’s truly beautiful up there. The views are amazing. Somehow spending time with nature is a good way to disconnect from social media even for a while and appreciate the magnificent beauty of our surroundings.

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