A Quick Visit of Odense and Frederikshavn, Denmark

Moving on to the second day of our Scandinavian Escape tour, we headed to the small town of Frederikshavn. We stayed in this quaint town overnight before we crossed the sea towards Gothenburg, Sweden. Along the way we were given a 2-hour stop to explore Odense. `

Odense is the 3rd largest city of Denmark. The city is the birthplace of the famous fairy tale writer, Hans Christian Andersen. Hence any fan of H.C. Andersen will be delighted to take some time to learn about the famous author and his works.

Statues of Hans Christian Andersen can be spotted around the city including the characters of his fairy tale stories. To make our visit more interesting, our tour leader gave us a map and list of the statues placed around the old town which we can cross out when found.


Our first stop in Odense was of course the home of Hans Christian Andersen. The house is very ordinary and small which is  a typical structure of the local houses in Denmark. Now, this place has been converted into a museum that houses things about Hans Christian Andersen.

sdrTown Hall



After we visited the museum and the home of H.C. Andersen, we leisurely walked around the old town. We spotted some of the statues which you can see in the pictures above. I’m sorry I can’t enumerate the names of the statues and which fairy tale stories they are associated with.

Frederikshavn means Frederiks harbor. It is a coastal town located on the Northeast of Jutland peninsula. The town is known for fishing and and is utilized as an industrial harbor.

cofCaptured this photo while on the coach on our way to Frederikshavn. 

sdrShopping street

Frankly I don’t have much to say about this quaint little town since we were only here for a night. However I would love to share with you guys some photos I got during our visit.

Frederikshavn is not really a tourist place. The only reason why we stayed here was because we were taking a ferry towards Gothenburg, Sweden. Upon arrival at Gothenburg we then would be traveling to Oslo, Norway. We need to depart early in the morning so we could reach Oslo early in the afternoon for our next city tour.

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