Breakfast in Denmark, Lunch in Sweden and Dinner in Norway

Have you experienced having each meal in a day in 3 different countries? Yes, literally breakfast, lunch and dinner? Before continuing my Oslo blog, I decided to blog our experience since this happens rarely. Normally, it is those who travel who will experience it.

Our 3rd day itinerary was to continue our tour traveling towards Oslo, Norway. From Frederikshavn, Denmark we hopped on a ferry to Gothenburg, Sweden and then drove to Norway’s capital. That explains why we ate in 3 different countries.  However apart from that, this blog also feature the traditional dishes from the countries where we had our meals.

Breakfast in Frederikshavn, Denmark

Of course Danish pastries are always present in any breakfast spread in Denmark. For those adventurous foodies, you might want to try pickled herring for breakfast. Actually it doesn’t taste bad. In fact this fish dish is also a staple in any Danish table.


After having our breakfast at the hotel, we boarded the boat and off to Gothenburg, Sweden.

Lunch in Gothenburg, Sweden


Gothenburg was not part of our Scandinavian Escape tour, so this time we skipped it and continued our trip to Oslo, Norway.  However we got the chance to sample their local food during our lunch stop.

We made a quick lunch stop at Rasta. It is a fast-food restaurant where you can order traditional Swedish dishes like their famous meatballs with raspberry jam. Our first Swedish lunch was of course the authentic local meatballs and Swedish style curry with salad and mashed potatoes on the side.

Dinner in Oslo, Norway


We arrived in Oslo early in the afternoon where we had a walking tour with a local guide. We explored the old town and other interesting sites in the city. The walking tour lasted only 2 hours then we went around the city on our own. Finally we had our Norwegian dinner.

nfdmefTraditional grilled salmon with veggies, boiled potatoes and tartar sauce.

Seafood is a must-try in Norway. So if you are a salmon lover, it is the best place to have your salmon fixes. Our tour leader recommended us to try Egon Restaurant since they offered traditional Norwegian specials. The food was good but kind of expensive. Oh well, welcome to Norway!

This sums up our experience having each meal in 3 different countries in one day. Next blog post is about exploring Oslo so please stay tuned.

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