Exploring Bergen: The Old Capital Of Norway

I learned about Bergen through Travel Channel. Since then I became very interested to know more about the city. Which is also the reason why Bergen was on top of my travel bucket-list. As part of our Scandinavian Escape tour, Derick and I got the chance to explore the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bergen.  And I must say, Bergen looks so much better up close and personal than watching it on television.

We only had 48 hours to spend in Bergen and for me it was enough. We saw most of its significant sites in the given time frame. If you are interested to know what were the things we did to make the most of our stay in this city – Here are the top 6 things to do in Bergen.

Take a glimpse of the Traditional Wooden Houses

The colorful traditional wooden houses along the quayside was really a sight to behold. Many of the houses are still in its original structure and some of them are open for tourists. You can take a peek inside these residences and see what it’s like during the olden times. However, most of these abodes have now been converted into souvenir shops, cafe’s and restaurants.

BergenBergen02Bergen03Of course don’t forget to pose for the Instagram.

Learn the history of the city at the Bergenhus Fortress and Bergen Museum

The Bergenhus Fortress is one of the oldest and best preserved stone fortifications in Norway. Within this fortress are several medieval buildings such as Royal Residence, medieval hall and defensive tower dated around 1240’s.

sdrHaakon’s Hall


Taste the fresh produce at the seafood market and stroll along the Old Wharf

There are many things to do along Bergen’s wharf. Here, you would most likely end up visiting the seafood market where you can enjoy your favorite seafood. You may also take a cruise and admire the spectacular views of Bergen. In our case we sampled the fresh catch of the day.


Enjoy the overlooking views of Bergen from Mount Floyen

To reach Mount Floyen, we took a funicular train. The views from the top are spectacular.  This is definitely something that one should not be missed when in Bergen. Aside from the views, Mount Floyen has lots other activities for everyone.

Derick and I spent the entire morning at Mount Floyen capturing panoramic shots of the city. Afterwards we did a short trek towards the lake where we enjoyed a quiet time with nature.




Join a walking tour around the city

Part of our activity in the city was a walking tour with our group leader. However, Bergen is fairly walk-able if you choose to explore the city on you own. Below are some of the photos I took of the things you will see around the city.

Bergen05cofBergen07Sailors Monument



Experience the Magic Bergen Ice Bar

Last but not the least, Derick and I went to the Magic Ice Bar in Bergen. Although we are both not really into bars, it was something worth experiencing. An establishment frozen in ice was not really a bad idea to end our Bergen sojourn. What’s funny though is that we went to the ice bar and ordered orange juice.


Looking back, Bergen was just one of the places I dreamed of visiting. Now I already ticked it off my list. I was not disappointed at all for Bergen is such a beautiful place to visit. Except maybe that it is also a very expensive city to explore. So do take note.

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