Quick Stop In Sigtuna: Sweden’s Oldest Town

Sigtuna is one of the places in Sweden I never knew existed until our tour leader told us that we have a quick stop in this historical town. It is literally a quick stop since we were only given an hour to see the place.

So, what can you see in Sigtuna given an hour? Definitely it’s more than enough if you only use the toilet and buy yourself a cup of coffee or a cone of ice cream. However for us, we were able to utilize our time walking around this charming little town. We saw the St. Olof’s church ruins, took photos  of the runic stones, the lake and the charming neighborhood. Also got the chance to check out the Medieval style wooden shops lined along Stora Gatan which is the oldest street of Sweden.

If in case you are planning to join Expat Explore’s – Scandinavian Escape tour, then probably you’ll be visiting the towns I previously blogged including this one. Anyway, to give you heads-up, I’m sharing photos below which shows you what to expect when you get the chance to visit Sigtuna.

Sigtuna RuinsSt. Olof’s Church ruins 

Old Town Hall 

SigtunaSigtuna MuseumSigtuna Museum

The Iconic Rune Stone

Sigtuna02Stora Gatan – The Old Main Street

Sigtuna Lake

The harbor town of Sigtuna was established around 980 AD and, according to tradition, it was previously the home of Odin.