FAT-Moments In Ocean Park Hong Kong

It’s theme park time!!! Speaking of parks, we had our dose of adrenaline pumping  experience while at the Ocean Park Hong Kong. I know not all travel bugs out there enjoys spending time in theme parks, but for us it’s quite fun and exciting. Plus, every moment spent in these parks is priceless.  If you are a fan of amusement parks that has scary rides then of you might want to experience Ocean Park Hong Kong.

OCEAN PARK HONG KONG – it is a marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme and amusement park all rolled into one. But did you know that Ocean Park Hong Kong is the largest theme park in Asia according to Wiki? Well, if you had been to the park you will totally agree with that. It covers a total of 91.5 hectares of land having mountains and lowlands.

Ocean Park TicketsFirst things first… Derick bought our tickets while my brother and I  were queuing  at the entrance to save time. By doing this, we will also avoid getting stuck behind the long line of park goers before it opens.

Joy in Ocean Park 1The park opened at exactly 10 o’clock in the morning. As soon as we entered the park, we each grabbed a map and checked out where we want to go first. After taking some mandatory photos at the entrance we went directly to the cable car to explore The SUMMIT first.

The park has two sections The Summit and The Waterfront which is separated by the mountains.

The Summit

Ocean Park Cable CarOcean Park Cable Car 1Going to The Summit is approximately 15 minutes by cable car. The ride passes through the edge of the mountains with views of the sea. The cable car ride itself was an amazing experience.

Me & Kuya in Ocean ParkAt The Summit

Ocean Park Rides 2Rides at The Summit

We actually chose try out a few rides and one was the Abyss. Although I’ve tried the Giant Drop in Dream World Australia which was way higher than the Abyss yet still I shouted my heart out when I went through the Abyss drop again.

Joy and Kuya Ocean Park

DSCF0797Ocean Park Rides 1Pacific Pier

Ocean Park Hair Raiser 1Thrill-Seekers Mountain

The Thrill-Seekers Mountain is accessible via Ocean Express funicular railway. If you’re coming from The Summit you have to go back to The Waterfront and take the Ocean Express.

Ocean Park Hair Raiser 2The Thrill-Seekers Mountain is where the scariest rides in the park can be found. One of them is the Hair Raiser. This ride will definitely give you an epic experience and make all your hair stand up.

DSCF1017Ocean Park PenguinThe Arctic Blast

Ocean Wonders Dolphin ShowWonders of the Sea Dolphin Show

The Waterfront

The Aqua City, Amazing Asian Animals, Whiskers Harbor and some other theaters are in The Waterfront. So basically most of the attractions here are for the little tots.

DSCF0744DSCF0905Adventures in AustraliaDSCF0944DSCF1024DSCF0973DSCF0971Ocean Park Cute CatDSCF1036Posing with the Owl after the bird show.

The Grand AquariumDSCF0803DSCF0855Ocean Park 2Frankly, I wasn’t impressed with the park’s Grand Aquarium. Their collection of sea animals is far less when compared to other parks. Another issue we had was that their shows were not in English. This made it very difficult to understand especially for the international tourists. The rides were awesome and one of the best experience we had.

Visit their website for more info: https://www.oceanpark.com.hk/en

***I’m a bit slow in posting my Hong Kong travel blog series so please bear with me. I’ll try my very best to finish them all asap so I can start blogging about our Europe – Eastern Delights 2017 trip. Stay tune for the Hong Kong Disneyland article.