January Favorites

Hello February! January flew by so quickly, so I came up with the idea of adding another category in my blog named #Favorites. To keep track of my monthly favorites. Let’s see  what I got at the end of the year. In this category I’ll be writing my favorite things. It could be anything I’m currently obsessed with, or place that I can’t get over or food that I’m addicted to.

Here’s the list of my January faves. Although I got many new stuff as first month of the year started, there are only few things that I’m so obsessed with.

Pandora Bracelet

Who wouldn’t love Pandora?


OPI Nail Lacquer

  1. Lucernetainly Look Marvelous
  2. Thank Glogg It’s Friday!
  3. Black Cherry Chutney… I just love these colors I don’t know why.


Mac Red and Brave Lippies

I used to wear shade of brown and pink lippies but when I tried these two I must say they will stay in my make-up purse for a long time.



Cookies and Cream

While we were in Riyadh we found this little kiosk at the Al Faisaliyah Mall. The goodies displayed looked very inviting. The cookie monster cookies was so cute. As much as I don’t want to eat them, I also can’t stop munching them. So yummy! I want more!




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