Travel Essentials For Long Haul Flight


Husband and I will be traveling again soon. At the moment I am beginning to gather and sort items to pack for our six weeks vacation in the Philippines. We’re not flying on  a Business Class ticket. Meaning we have to deal with a small seating space for more than 10 hours. With much anticipation of our long haul plus connecting flights, I am writing down my travel essentials. Surely the trip can be brutally exhausting.

Depending on the ticket category, some airlines provide blankets, pillows, socks, eye pads, ear plugs, toothbrush and toothpaste however some budget airlines don’t. It’s better to be ready and have these little comforts on your own.


Sweeter/Jacket – most of the time, the aircraft can be very cold when cruising high altitude. So it is necessary to have something that can keep you warm.

Scarf – can be fashionable at the same time very useful especially when traveling. You can use it in many ways. It can serve as blanket or fold it like a pillow.

Socks – I don’t usually wear socks when traveling because I hate removing my shoes when passing through security gates and ending up with dirty socks after security checks. Slip on’s or sandals are my choice of footwear when traveling (except going to cold places during winter). It’s not only comfortable but also easy to wear and no hassle of removing anywhere. However, the moment I’m inside the aircraft I am not comfortable barefoot especially when it’s cold. That’s why  I always carry socks inside my bag.

Inflatable Neck Pillow – neck pillow is very useful during long flights especially in economy class wherein it’s impossible to lie down whenever you want to sleep. It gives comfort and neck support while sleeping. Also it limits getting stiff neck when sleeping while seated. But bringing bulky neck pillows eats up extra space in your carry-on bag. That’s why I prefer the inflatable ones so that I can deflate it as soon as the plane lands. Very handy.

Book – there are times in-flight that it’s so difficult to sleep even though how tired you get. Reading a book would help me fall asleep. At the very least,  I wouldn’t get bored.

DSC_0046Cellphones and Ear Phones – these two are always together when traveling. Whether  you’re playing games or listening music, cellphones and ear phones are truly must-have’s. I don’t need to elaborate on the importance of these items.

Power Bank – For someone like me who loves to play games on my phone while waiting for the flight, power bank is my life saver. No worries when my phone battery gets drained.

Camera – the shutterbug in me just can’t simply resist if there’s a photo opportunity. I love documenting my travels through photographs. Even though I have cellphone, I don’t rely on my phone camera particularly in snapping distant objects while flying up in the air.

Chewing Gum – changes in altitude can cause a feeling of fullness and popping on your ears. You need to equalize the pressure by introducing as much air as possible via the Eustachian tube. The trick is to ensure that the Eustachian tubes work overtime and open more frequently. Chewing a gum and frequent swallowing can help to accommodate the change in air pressure.

Hygiene Kit – Ever since the MERS-CoV news broke out, my carry-on bag has always antibacterial wipes, face mask  and alcohol. Call me paranoid but before settling down on our assigned seats inside the aircraft I always spray the arm rest with alcohol, or wipe it to at least get rid of whatsoever micro-organism lurking in there. Of course toothbrush and toothpaste are also present in my kit.

Medicines – Paracetamol and Anti-histamine. I always carry these two not only during flight but it’s a mainstay in my wallet. Headaches/Migraines usually attacks when I lack sleep or did not eat on time due to late night flight schedule. I have several food allergies like honey, crustaceans and oysters. You can never tell what are the ingredients of the food served in-flight. Sometimes flight attendants doesn’t know if the meal has oyster sauce or not. It’s better safe than sorry.

So yes these are my travel essentials. With all these inside my bag, I’m good to go. How about you what are your travel must-have’s?