In Photos: The Viking Village & Nærøyfjord Cruise In Norway

Gudvangen is an old viking village located at the banks of UNESCO World Heritage Site of Naeroyfjord. Today it is a popular destination in Norway. Frankly, Derick and I didn’t know about this place. As part of our tour itinerary in the country we were both amazed to see how beautiful it is. The views of the fjord from here is truly spectacular. The viking village is surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and narrow valleys. Everywhere is just picture worthy.


Derick loves anything about vikings. In addition I, myself, is a sucker for beautiful scenery. That being said, our day trip to Gudvangen and the cruise at Naeroyfjord were perfect activities to end our four-day Norwegian sojourn.

Check our photos below. These will surely inspire you to visit and explore Norway  (at least add it to your travel bucket list). I personally guarantee you that it’s all worth the travel.


The Viking Village showed how the vikings live back then. We also learned how they build their traditional boats and the other things they need for survival. Definitely this is the place to go if you are interested to know more about vikings.



After few hours in Gudvangen and learning about viking stuff, we boarded the ship towards Flam. The cruise along the Naeroyfjord was truly breathtaking. There  was no moment on board that you wouldn’t feel in awe of the views you’ll see  during the entire trip. Amazing!



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