Romantic Dinner At Navigator Restaurant: Canonnier Beachcomber, Mauritius

NAVIGATOR is one of the four restaurants in Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort and Spa. It is a fine dining restaurant that serves delightful gourmet cuisines from around the world. They are also known for their Lobster and Seafood Night.

Perched on top of a hill, Navigator has the best vantage point overlooking the sea. Its higher location offers not only spectacular views but also exclusivity. The seclusion of the place made it very romantic. That sets it apart from the other restaurants within the resort.

NavigatorNavigator02The Terrace

The restaurant has a wooden deck outdoor area  overlooking the sea which is called the Terrace. From here you can see the lined canons guarding the coast. These canons may not be in use today however it adds a historical charm to this place. The place is also a perfect spot to catch the magnificent sunset while having some drinks.



NavigatorLounge and Bar area

Fitting the island tropical vibe of the resort, the restaurant has a native rustic ambiance too. Simple yet elegant, accentuated with white and earth toned colored furniture. The place itself doesn’t need much decorations. Its beautiful surroundings and natural beauty makes the place even more charming.

Navigator1Dinner Setup


The restaurant is strictly for reserved guests only. And getting a reservation was very difficult especially if the resort is full-house. You’ll be needing at least five days in advance notice to secure a table. In our case, Derick emailed the resort (prior to our arrival) requesting for a romantic dinner on our anniversary day. Unfortunately there was a miscommunication between the front-desk and the F&B Manager.  The front-desk insisted that our booking doesn’t include a romantic dinner, instead they will give us an anniversary cake. They also advised us that if we want to have dinner at the Navigator we have to book a reservation ourselves. However, the F&B department confirmed a romantic dinner for us at Navigator. We were both confused and disappointed at the same time. Something similar happened to us last year when we were also making arrangements for our anniversary dinner in another resort.

Because of that we did not ask to talk to the manager anymore. Instead, Derick and I agreed to just utilize what was available for us. We tried to make a reservation at the Navigator. Unfortunately, it was already full. So we just had our anniversary dinner at the main restaurant, Frangepanier.

Surprisingly Mr. Dar (the F&B Manager) approached us while we were having our dinner at Frangepanier. He said that he was waiting for us at the Navigator restaurant. Derick and I were both speechless since we were not informed properly. At the same time we were almost finish having our dinner at the Frangepanier. To settle the confusion, Mr. Dar rescheduled our romantic dinner at the Navigator and he requested to serve our anniversary cake for the night.



It was chilly but perfect for a romantic dinner weather. Both of us were excited to enjoy the night. I put on simple make-up just to look presentable and wore my black DP dress. Derick wore his black Armani long-sleeves paired with  dark blue denim pants. Then we headed to the restaurant holding each other’s hand.

There were few couples in the restaurant when we arrived. The lights were dim and you can hear soft music in the background. We got settled into our assigned table. The attendant handed us the menu. He lit the candles and our dinner began shortly after he took our preferred dishes.


Our drinks were served right away together with the basket of bread and butter. We had a five-course meal. Each dish looked spectacularly appetizing.  The food came in sequence manner.


Navigator3Chicken and Artichoke

Navigator2It’s a shrimp dish (I’m sorry I don’t know what’s called). Looks very pretty though.


Navigator4Vegetable and Mushroom Soup


Navigator5Smoked Fish and Artichoke


Navigator6Grilled Beef and Potatoes

Navigator7Mixed Seafood Curry with Rice


Navigator8Mango Cheesecake

I will not go into details of each dish as we cannot find fault to any of them. All the dishes served were perfectly cooked and seasoned. The portions were just right and satisfying.

It was indeed a great dinner experience wit gourmet delicious dishes, romantic ambiance and excellent service. The only thing I regret was that I was not able to capture a picture of us on that special night. However moments like this will remain vivid in my mind and will be forever treasured.

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