25 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Batumi, Georgia

Georgia is gaining popularity to international tourists lately. Many visited the country but haven’t really explored some of its beautiful cities. Even Derick and I need to revisit the country to see the other parts of it. Tbilisi, the capital is no doubt a breathtaking city but when I saw Batumi I was mesmerized too.

Batumi is usually overlooked by international tourists because of its distance from the capital. The city is located on the southwestern side of Georgia along the coast of the Black Sea. It is approximately a 5-hour drive from Tbilisi. Travel time is indeed quite long but it is definitely worth a visit.

Here are 25 photos that might convince you to add Batumi, Georgia to your bucket list.

BatumiBatumi BeachBatumi, Georgia BeachBatumi PeirBatumi Park 01Batumi, Georgia Childrens PlaygroundBatumi, Georgia Childrens Playground 01Batumi, Georgia Japanese Garden 02Batumi, Georgia 01Batumi ParkBatumi, Georgia 02BatumiBatumi Europe SquareBatumi Europe Square 05Batumi Europe Square 04Batumi Europe Square 03Batumi Europe Square 06Batumi Ali and NinoBatumi Ali and Nino 01Batumi 2

Batumi SunsetBatumi Sunset 02Batumi Sunset 01Batumi Sunset 03

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